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Mentoring is a service for anyone wanting to support lasting behaviour change for another person. This can be for individuals, partnerships or small groups of people, whether at home or in the playground as well as in workplaces, organisations and government agencies, in schools or in the community.


Tanya is well aware that designing, implementing, evaluating and modifying lasting behaviour change programs can be stressful and feel overwhelming at times. But often it is just a small loophole requiring minor tweaks to make what has already been developed and tentatively implemented go from ineffective to effective. Tanya has the objectivity and expertise to see what is really going on and, more importantly, explain it in simple everyday language that gets all onboard and leaves no one behind.


A mentoring program with Tanya Curtis is designed to support the implementation of the FABIC behaviour methodology, the 3-step program called Body Life Skills which she has developed. It is based on understanding and changing behaviour in a client’s natural environment – wherever that may be.


Tanya’s job is to make her job redundant by supporting others to self-master the lessons presented in their classroom of life. Thus, she works tirelessly to equip staff/parents/carers/next of kin/ colleagues and supervisors with all the skills needed to implement successful and lasting behaviour change in an identified situation. They in turn can then bring the confidence and consistency needed when using those same skills in any other cases where unwanted or non-preferred behaviour occurs.

As a mentor for students and professionals, Tanya supports those studying and working in the fields of Behaviour, Disability, Counselling and Mental Health to develop the required skills and tools for their personal and professional lives. 

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“Tan has been attending a fortnightly staff meeting via Skype to support us to case manage our students with difficult behaviour. It has been great to have her part of the team so we are able to review regularly our strategies and change them quickly when not working. Our behaviour incidents with our initial child reduced dramatically but we have also noticed our school suspensions have reduced.”

— From a school where Tanya Curtis offered staff mentoring by attending  fortnightly staff meetings via Skype

For more information on Mentoring Services please contact FABIC

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