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Tanya Curtis is the author of educational books as well as an ever-growing collection of picture books for children and adults alike. Many more books based on her professional work, expertise and wisdom are planned and a lot of the material is already available in audios, videos and articles, but being a sought-after practitioner and seeing people back to back and day after day, book writing all too often gets relegated to the end of the list.


Her love of writing is evident and her dedication unparalleled. She shares with the world what she has learnt, both professionally and personally, and most importantly applies daily as a matter of course. Her motivation? To turn the tide on the ever-escalating negative mental health statistics and the decline in true wellbeing for all.


Tanya knows without a doubt that there is another way. She knows that life is not meant to be misery, drudgery and hardship but full of joy and lived with vitality and zest, from the inside out and abundantly shared.

Tanya whole-heartedly supports and dedicates her work to the true welfare of all so that every person
can live to their full potential,
no matter their diagnosis or circumstances.

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3 simple steps to understanding and changing behaviour

The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, very practical and user-friendly 3-step methodology that brings about lasting behaviour change. 


Meanwhile, individuals, families and industries related to challenging and/or unwanted behaviour, mental health and psychological wellbeing keep reporting a steady and at times steep rise in negative statistics. This is not only concerning but suggests that the current and traditional approach is not keeping up with what is needed.

The Body Life Skills program presents a series of books that will revolutionise behaviour change, psychological wellbeing and mental health for all who are ready and willing to take an honest look at the current approach and appreciate that we need another way. 


The Body Life Skills program is suitable for anyone ready to truly understand and change unwanted behaviour used by self or any other person, from individuals, families and professionals to business, organisations and government agencies.


In short, the Body Life Skills program is life-changing for those who are serious about making true and lasting change their reality. 

Tanya Curtis the author of the SunLight Ink Children's Series

As part of Fabic Publishing, Tanya introduced the Sunlight Ink Children series, books for children and adults alike that were authored by her and illustrated by Désirée Delaloye. 


Through Tanya’s clinical experience she has come to realise that people’s poor psychological wellbeing has a lot to do with living in reaction to the world rather than from the natural and innate amazing beauty that is inside us all. And the key to supporting people to live from their amazingness rather than from their reactions is when they can let go of striving to be perfect.

As Tanya has always said: "We are not human doings but human beings; furthermore, at the core of every single human being is an awesome, amazing and lovable being."

As Tanya shares:
"Because of the issues that humanity is facing on a daily basis, I have been left to question why and looked at ways to prevent these issues in the first place. The books that I write with Sunlight Ink Children’s Series are designed to make my job at FABIC redundant – if we support people to have these messages from early on, they are less likely to experience the anxiety and psychological and behavioural issues that these days so many people accept as part of life and a normal way of living.”

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