‘Dedicated, Caring, Disciplined, Wise, Precise, Power-full, Committed and Cheeky’ are words often used to describe Tanya Curtis.

Tanya is the Founder and Managing Director of Fabic Behaviour Specialist Centre as well as Fabic Publishing. Tanya is also:

  • An award-winning business woman

  • A Behaviour Specialist

  • A teacher

  • A course writer

  • A conference and DVD presenter

  • An author

  • An app creator

  • A product developer

  • Co-Founder of Impulse to Action

  • A mentor, student support and so much more!

Tanya is a warm, deeply loving and caring person who makes understanding and supporting others simple,
fun and extremely practical.

The term 'Behaviour Change' is all too often associated with words such as 'boring, judgmental, serious, methodical and rote'. However, Tanya lives and breathes the fact that true and lasting behaviour change is a normal part of everyday life and nothing to be scared of.


Joshua Campbell

Software Developer & Consultant

Tanya is a woman who lives and breathes what love truly is. She is fun, down to earth and extremely practical in how she sees the world and offers support to others in it. It is amazing to see how such understanding of others can have such a powerful impact on them.

Kathryn Maroney

Speech Pathologist

Tanya has created a very practical methodology that people can apply in their lives to understand and change their unwanted behaviours in order to live their full potential. In Fabic she has founded a clinic dedicated to sharing this treasure with the world – but even more amazing still is the fact that Tanya lives what she teaches.

Susan Scully

Financial Advisor

In knowing Tanya personally and professionally, having also attended various Fabic workshops and presentations, I can assure you that what Tanya Curtis presents and lives is more than just behaviour change – it is LIFE CHANGING. It makes one want to get off the couch or side lines and take the steps to change, as what Tanya delivers makes the seemingly complicated SIMPLE and easy to relate to.



Tanya Curtis offers that when our focus as mental health professionals shifts to a foundation of self responsibility, then we will be able to impact positively on our clients psychological wellbeing.

This article exposes the way mental health professionals are supposed to be perfect in their role as a therapist, so much so, that there is a belief that if they feel their emotions, cry, have a break down, then they are a fraud.

Tanya Curtis explores how cyber-bullying in politicians is accepted as normal and the impact this is having on our policies.

Tanya Curtis presents information about the importance of looking at our psychological wellbeing and the effects that mental illness is having on today's society.