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Tanya Curtis is a woman of great versatility who committed her early adult life to gain life experience in whichever way that came, from working in early childcare to being a photographer for PixiFoto, travelling extensively through the eastern states of Australia and across England for work. Tanya has also been to Vietnam (one of her favourite destinations, having travelled there many times since 2011), New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, the United Kingdom and America and enjoys being with people from all walks of life and all corners of the world.


At the age of 25, Tanya began her psychology degree at university but soon realised that her strength was the behaviour specialist field. She followed this impulse and swapped her study discipline.

Having already gained her Associate Diploma of Education (Childcare) before turning twenty, Tanya then completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Behaviour Management), Master of Counselling and Master of Behaviour Management over the next five years.


While still studying for her Master’s degree, Tanya was employed by Bond University in their clinical unit as well as in various academic roles. 


Not wanting to be restricted by university governance, Tanya, at the age of 30, founded her private practice, FABIC (Functional Assessment & Behaviour Interventions Clinic) that has now expanded into a multi-disciplinary hub.


Today FABIC offers services locally, nationally and internationally in the fields of:

  • Behaviour Specialist Services

  • Psychology

  • Speech Pathology

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Counselling

Tanya’s business is based on her love for humanity; the dedication and care she has for people can be felt in her precision and commitment in all that she brings to clients, carers, students, staff, colleagues, friends, family and the many and varied community initiatives she supports.

Tanya considers herself a forever student and loves learning from every person she spends time with – children, teenagers and adults are all her life teachers!


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