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Tanya has a keen awareness of what will support people to self-master the lessons in their unique classroom of life. And thus she has developed a range of products in line with the overarching FABIC principle of ‘understanding and changing behaviour’. They offer people from all walks of life, whether with or without a diagnosis, to live their true potential in their natural environment. Each product has come about organically, based on the needs and requests from clients and course participants. Tanya has developed the entire FABIC product range and, together with Desiree Delaloye, co-created and authored children's books for the SunLight Ink Children’s Series.


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Tanya developed the Communication Cards as a tool and form of communication for the wearer to be able to communicate with others how they are experiencing life at any given moment. They support the person to support themselves with reducing the anxiety they are experiencing and from there connecting back to their body.

The communication cards are a smaller specialised versions of 4 of the posters.


Find the complete range of FABIC products in FABIC online shop



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You can find more information about the Body Life Skills range on the  Body Life Skills page of Fabic Publishing

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