Impulse to Action Consulting

Tanya co-founded Impulse to Action with Susan Scully in 2020 in response to hearing how often people have a spark of brilliance – an idea for a business, a book, a project, a concept and the list goes on – but it does not come to full fruition. They are left with the IMPULSE, but the ACTION, in whatever form, does not lead to completion.


Impulse to Action Consulting is a one-stop shop where a team of experts in their field support any person, business, organisation and/or corporation to ensure their ideas reach their full and true potential.

Whether you are in the starting blocks or along the way and have reached a hurdle, the Impulse to Action team support you to take your impulse and put it into action.


They bring a practical, step by step and action-packed approach that supports any person, business, organisation and/or project to own their impulses, overcome any hurdles, put steps into action, reach a point of completion and then continually increase the quality and output … keeping the original impulse in a steady process of continually expanding action. 

Tanya Curtis & Susan Scully

Impulse to Action Consulting offers:

  • Corporate consultations, presentations and workshops

  • Consultations for businesses and organisations

  • Individual consultations

  • Webinars (in the pipeline)

  • Fitness programs for the classroom of life (Impulse to Action Fitness, Work Fitness, Psychological Fitness, Communication Fitness, Relationships Fitness, Completion Fitness) 


… all aimed at supporting the initial impulse, idea, project etc. to help you turn it into action and reach a point of completion – ready for what is next and beyond.


On the way to completion and ongoing expansion, Impulse to Action also offer:

  • Initial consultations

  • Action guides

  • Content development

  • Follow-up consultations

Impulse to Action Consulting bring an approach to life and all projects that has in-depth focus and offers a safe and considered environment to explore what is important to you and your enterprise. Sprinkled with liberal doses of fun and lightness, there is no person, business, organisation and/or project that is too big or too small for this dynamic duo and their team as they support depth and expansion for all equally.

Let's make it happen!