Tanya founded Fabic in 2006 as she saw the need for services that offer a deeper level of understanding as well as practical tools to support people who are finding it difficult to navigate day-to-day life.


Today Fabic has grown into a multi-disciplinary Behaviour Specialist Centre, offering a complete range of services including Psychology, Behaviour Specialist Services, Counselling, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology.

Fabic also:

  • hosts an extensive range of workshops, both nationally and internationally,

  • offers training programs,

  • sells a practical product range of take-home supportive tools

  • and provides a variety of services including behavioural, psychological, communication, sensory processing, motor skills, occupational, intellectual/cognitive and academic assessments.


Fabic is an NDIS approved provider and supports children, teenagers and adults to understand and respond to the challenging situations that they face in life, whether they be related to general non-preferred or unwanted behaviour, managing daily life and/or issues caused by a certain ailment, weakness or condition.


Simply put, Fabic services are supporting people to live their full potential!


Tanya has observed the dis-order that humanity is in and has seen that behavioural and mental health issues are increasing in severity. Even though we have more highly trained and dedicated psychologists and mental health professionals than ever before, the psychological wellbeing of our societies everywhere has never been so low in recorded history. This is evident when one examines the escalating statistics of behavioural issues in educational, justice, disability, mental health and drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities (among others). 

In response to these worsening conditions, Tanya has developed a unique simplified methodology based on evidence-based practice (Functional Behaviour Assessment) that allows people of all developmental, cognitive, emotional and social levels to apply it to their own life. When implemented by the client or their carer/s, the Fabic methodology has been known to result in significant changes to both the function and quality of a person’s life where all other interventions and attempts had previously failed.

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