Tanya Curtis the Teacher, Course Developer and Presenter

Tanya sees her role in life as being the same as everyone else’s … we are all a forever teacher and a forever student of life.


Tanya understands that life is presented to us all constantly and that there are times when we perceive that we are equipped to respond and other times when we perceive that we do not yet have the required skills to respond to what life has presented. This is not a judgment, rather an opportunity to bring understanding to how we and others are experiencing life.  


A core principle of the way Tanya teaches, whether that be one-on-one with clients, in small groups, in families, organisations or to large audiences, is that the true role of a teacher is simply to support people to learn the skills to respond to whatever life is presenting. Simply put, Tanya’s role as a teacher is supporting people to develop and live their true potential.  

Tanya acknowledges that she is in every moment of every day in the position of being a teacher; teaching a person to develop the skills to master an aspect of life they may perceive they are not yet completely skilled to respond to … while she also embraces that there are many aspects of life that she herself is yet to self-master … thus being both, the forever teacher and the forever student.


Tanya started her professional role in a clinical setting. From this experience she identified that what she was sharing with one client she was also sharing with many others and thus found she was repeating similar concepts in many consultations. Rather than limiting the information, Tanya compiled the frequently taught concepts from her clinical sessions and wrote her initial courses. Based on this material, participants would then make requests for certain topics to be covered or expanded on. Thus, the series of presentations developed by Tanya Curtis are all based on responding to clients’ needs and requests. 

What is presented is practical, self-empowering and offers an approach that supports all to develop the required skills to apply to their life circumstances, whether that be as
an individual, in a family, relationship, school, workplace or corporate organisation.

Tanya has developed, written and presents a variety of courses covering:

  • Parenting

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and Loss 

  • Perfectionism

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Bullying

  • Understanding behaviour

  • Changing behaviour and more ...


Tanya is also available to develop courses based on specific organisational requirements. Furthermore, she presents at conferences and is often a guest presenter at local community talks.


Tanya Curtis offers training presentations to any person, group, department and/or company that want to learn, develop, implement, evaluate and modify behaviour change principles in their life, family, group or organisation.  

Tanya’s approach to behaviour change is well known for getting lasting results
when all other attempts have not been successful. 


Tanya Curtis has started to make the acclaimed Body Life Skills program more widely available and designed e-Learning courses that bring the tools needed for the three steps leading to lasting behaviour change – Body, Life and Skills – to everyone at any time and wherever they are. Her approach is to design courses which are simple, informative and enriching so that the audience comes away feeling empowered and knowing how to achieve lasting behaviour change in their own life or those of others they are supporting or live with.

These courses offer the tools for lasting behaviour change –
a far cry from feeling helpless and at the mercy of unwanted or non-preferred behaviours,
whether by yourself or
any other person you are caring for or working with.