Tanya founded the Body Life Skills program based on her clinical work and to offer clients a simple way of re-building a relationship with themselves and, in doing so, deepen their understanding of their own behaviours in relation to those of others and the situations they find themselves in. Through this process, the necessary skills to respond to such circumstances in life in a more desirable or preferred way can be more easily embraced and then implemented.

The Body Life Skills Program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.

The Body Life Skills Program is based on an approach Tanya has been applying with her clients and equally with herself and her own behaviours for many years. The Body Life Skills program encapsulates a formalised way that we can all use and benefit from.  


To create lasting behaviour change, we must be willing to identify the reason why the behaviour happens. At its core, the Body Life Skills program understands that all unwanted behaviour is a result of anxiety first and that skills need to be taught and not expected.  


"Anxiety is not feeling equipped to respond to what is in front of you." 
​~ Serge Benhayon


"Not feeling equipped"

"What is in front of you"

= what is felt and expressed in the BODY

= perceiving you do not yet have the
   required SKILLS


With this understanding we embrace that:

When a person perceives they have the required skills to respond to what life is presenting, their body is more likely to express using wanted or preferred behaviours, words, thoughts and feelings.

"All unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, words, thoughts or feelings expressed from any person’s body, occur as a result of them perceiving they do not yet have the required skills to respond to what life has presented them at any given moment."
~ Tanya Curtis


  • Identifying when a body (yours or another person’s) is reacting (using unwanted or non-preferred behaviours) in reaction to life (the reason for behaviour).

  • Identifying the reason … the part of life the person perceives they do not yet have all the required skills to respond to.

  • Learning the skills so they (or we) feel equipped and ready to commit to partaking in life to their (our) full capacity.


When implemented successfully, the Body Life Skills Program will bring about positive and lasting change for individuals, families, groups, organisations and government departments working in the fields of behaviour management, mental health, disability, justice, education and psychological well-being – even in cases when all other attempts have failed.

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Introducing The Body Life Skills Program

3 steps to understanding and changing behaviour


The Body Life Skills program offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.


Individuals, families and industries related to challenging and/or unwanted behaviour, mental health and psychological well-being are reporting a steady worsening in statistics. This is concerning and suggests the current and traditional approach is clearly not working.


The Body Life Skills program presents a series of books that will revolutionise Behaviour Change, Psychological Well-Being and Mental Health for all those ready and willing to take an honest look at the current approach and appreciate we need another way.


The Body Life Skills program is suitable for anyone ready to truly understand and change unwanted or non-preferred behaviour used by self or any other person right across and including government agencies, organisations, professionals, families and individuals.


This series is for those who are serious about bringing true and lasting change.

BOOK 1: Introducing The Body Life Skills Program

This is a very practical, simple and profound book that simplifies something we often think of as being quite challenging and complex. It is a great introduction into The Body Life Skills Program and lays down the basic principles that found this revolutionary framework. It offers an overview of all three steps: Body, Life and Skills, breaking each component down into small, easy to understand parts so the full and complete program can be easily grasped by all.


You don't need to be smart, skilled or so-called 'intelligent' to understand this program. The wisdom and science in this series of books are something that is innate in all of us and hence something we can all understand and relate to.


BOOK 2: Understanding Life & Our Behaviour Choices

The second book in the Body Life Skills foundational series brings focus and a solid foundation for step 2 = Life to the reader. It supports to come to an understanding of life and more so an understanding of how life impacts on all our behaviour choices, depending on whether we perceive we are equipped to deal with what life presents or not – a crucial step when we are serious about bringing and supporting lasting behaviour change for ourselves and others.


This book is at present still being written and not yet available.

Still being written — due for completion in 2020

BOOK 3: Practical Skills for Lasting Behaviour Change

Behaviour change models abound but solutions, relief-based strategies and attempts at management — are they in truth working? Or do they at best provide short-term reprieve from an otherwise unrelenting avalanche of evermore non-preferred or unwanted behaviours?


The Body Life Skills program embraces that lasting change is our way forward, as individuals and as a society, if we are to bring a better quality of life to individuals, families, workplaces and the society we live in as whole.


This book offers a way forward to bring about: Lasting Behaviour Change.


And this is only the beginning ...



To support with the practical application of the Body Life Skills program, Tanya has developed an app as an adjunct to the book series that puts lasting behaviour change at your fingertips.


After all, we ALL use behaviours all day every day and some of our behaviours we would prefer not to be using but seemingly find ourselves at the mercy of.


The app allows people of all ages and backgrounds to transition the Body Life Skills program into their natural environment(s), whether that be at home, at school, in the workplace, in the community or anywhere.

This app supports people to understand and bring lasting change to unwanted behaviours used by self or any other person.

Currently only available on iOS (iPhone) with a web version in development


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